MasterEnglish helps you to develop your language skills through discussion, role-plays, presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis and negotiation practice.

Understanding the language of business - Discussing the marketing mix - Applying a marketing process - Designing a  marketing plan - Analysing strategies and objectives - Conducting market research - Knowing the Customer - Evaluating  customer research - Drafting consumer questionnaires - Understanding the consumer - Discussing trends



  Backstage; Business culture
Corporate cultures
Describing Graphs & Charts
  Export Marketing Plan
Kingsplaza Creative Writing

  Management styles

Organizing an event
  Product Presentation

  Sponsoring; Sales Talk
  Organizing a wedding 
The Marketing Mix
  The Restaurant






Discussing sales  performances - Writing promotional copies - Analysing the role of direct marketing - The language of e-marketing -  Conducting Effective Marketing Campaigns - Presenting a marketing campaign to clients - The language of persuasion - Evaluating campaign results - Functional language - Negotiating with clients & suppliers - Facilitating meetings effectively - © 2019