What’s the most fun way to learn English?

If you’re tired of going to class or reading a book, there’s nothing better than learning English through movies and film.


Is Learning English Through Movies and Film Right For Me?

Learning a foreign language is already hard. And the culture is different from your own. So sometimes, you might have trouble understanding what actors are saying, or what they’re doing on the screen.

3 Reasons Why Learning English With Movies and Film Works

Perhaps you’re still wondering if you can still really learn any English by watching movies.

After all, watching movies is supposed to be fun, right? So, how can you learn while having so much fun with the film? And more importantly, why should you learn English with movies instead of with textbooks?

1. You’ll get to learn real English…not textbook English. The English spoken in movies is very natural. It’s also very close to what you’ll hear if you speak with native English speakers too. This will help improve your spoken English.

2. You learn English words in context.

3. You hear how things are said.




1. Choose any movie or series you like.

2. Bring your dictionary and choose a movie with subtitles! So when you hear a word you’re interested in, look it up! Because you went through the trouble to understand it…you’ll be able to remember that word for a long time too!

3. Repeat short phrases!

4. When you watch the movie the first time, just turn on the subtitles. But if you get the chance to watch it a second time, try turning off the subtitles.

5. Write a review on your chosen movie following the format below.
a. Think of a catchy subtitle.

b. Give a short description of the contents.
c. Describe your favourite scene?

d. What kind of movie is it? Did you like the movie? The actors?

e. Conclusion: Is it a must see?


Title: ………………
Subtitle: ……………………….


Movie reviewed by (your name)




A minimum of 300 words.