The following format is an effective and professional guide when conveying information

to your co-workers or others.



G    GREETING  (greet your co-worker)

I      IDENTIFICATION  (identify yourself)

F     FRAME THE MESSAGE  (give some background of why you are calling)

T     TASK  (state what you are asking the co-worker to do)

I      INFORMATION  (give the information needed to carry out the task)

N    NEGATIVE OPTION  (This means the co-worker should call you back only if                   

        more information is needed, otherwise you will assume the task is carried out)

G    GOODBYE   (A courteous close to any message)





A) Rewrite the following voice mail messages using the GIFTING technique.




Joseph, hi. I wanted to know if I could get a copy from you of the employee benefits’ handbook;

Maybe you can just fax them to me if there aren’t too many pages. By the way, this is Henk in Human Resources. So if you can do all this, give me a call to let me know. I’m at extension 3276.






Mr. Jones, good morning. We are having a problem with your payment. Your bank called us and informed us there are insufficient funds to clear the check you mailed us. I am calling from the accounting department and I hope to hear from you soon to clear up this problem.

You can reach me at 203 456-768 from ING bank Holland. My name is Wieke Eggels

Thank you and goodbye.







B)   Write your own voice mail using a scenario/script which you could use in your daily work