The job interview

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Situation: Name of organization Easy Jet
Description of company: Easy Jet is one of Europe's leading low-cost airlines. Since its first flight in November 1995, the airline has grown from a Luton based airline offering two routes from Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh, to forty airlines offering sixteen routes from 16 European destinations.
Easy Jet keeps costs low by eliminating the unnecessary costs and 'frills' which characterize 'traditional' airlines.
Event Easy Jet wants to recruit new full-time cabin crew. Lucy Jenkins is Easy Jet's Personnel Manager. Caroline Samuels works with Lucy in the Personnel Department. Lucy and Caroline have a meeting to discuss the vacancies for cabin crew. Lucy asks Caroline if she can prepare some information about the vacancies to put on the company's website. A week and a half after the vacancy has been advertised, Lucy and Caroline have a meeting to discuss the response to the advertisement.
Persons involved Lucy Jenkins, aged 38, Personnel Manager;
Caroline Samuels, aged 20, Personnel Department employee.

Listening practice 1

Listen to the following conversation between Jane and Daniel and answer the following questions.
Daniel Smith has seen the vacancy for cabin crew on Easy Jet's website. He phones Easy Jet to ask for information about the vacancy for cabin crew.
He talks to Jane Watson from the Customer Services Department.

1. Which department does Jane work in?
2. What does Daniel have to send to Easy Jet to get an application form?
3. Where does Daniel's friend live?
4. What suggestion does Daniel make so that his friend can get an application form?
5. What does Jane suggest?
6. Why does Easy Jet prefer receiving application forms rather than CVs?

Listening practice 2

Lucy and Caroline have a meeting to discuss how the recruitment of new staff is going.
Listen to the following conversation between Lucy and Caroline and then answer the following questions.

2a) Answer the following questions after you have listened to the conversation between Lucy and Caroline.

1. When was the vacancy for cabin crew put on the website?
2. Why were some people told they could send a short CV instead of an application form?
3. How many completed application forms have been returned?
4. Are the interviews going to be held in Luton or at all the different bases where cabin crew is needed?
5. What does Lucy suggest Caroline does first?
6. Why is it not such a good idea?
7. What is Caroline's suggestion?

2b) Complete the following sentences with an appropriate word from the dialogue.
1. Has there been a good […] to the vacancy?
2. Send a letter to the applicants we want to [...] for an interview.
3. Twelve people have sent back a [...] application form.
4. It might be quite [...] for some of them to travel to London.
5. We've got a [...] letter for that.

Listening practice 3
Look at the job advertisement below. You will hear a conversation in which Fiona Scott is telling a friend about the advertisement.
Listen to the conversation and complete the missing information.