Case 1

Buying abroad involves a lot of communication between sellers and buyers. Every item has to be named, counted and priced. How does that communication look like in real life? Telephone conversations, letters, email messages.

In this group assignment you will:

You may do this assignment with two other students. Anything you write down and record should be in English. Discussions about the assignment itself can be held in Dutch.

Step 1. Describing the buyer, seller and product
The first step consists of describing the company that wants to buy something from another company abroad.

Step 2. Writing messages and making a phone call
The second step consists of all personal communication between buyer and seller, following your description in Step 1.

Case 2

In this assignment you are going to order chairs from a Dutch wholesaler. You are also going to deal with a complaint.

In this assignment you will:

Read the whole assignment. Try to find out how much time preparing each step will take.

All the letters and faxes should be written in English. All telephone conversations should be conducted in English.

Jonathan Kneale owns a shop selling designer furniture in Warwick (18 Smith Road, Warwick CV34 4JA). The second person is Kashan Ashad, who works for RJM Furniture in Londen (203 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2JU). The third person is Karin Stuurman, who works for MIF, an importer and distributor of Italian designer furniture in Maarssen in the Netherlands (Industrieweg 4, 3500 BM Maarssen, Tel. 0346 34 56 78, 0346 34 56 79).

The assignment consists of four steps:

  1. Ordering goods
  2. Complaining
  3. Complaining again
  4. Dealing with complaints

For an example of a return policy, go to
amazon and look under Ôreturns policyŐ.


In deze groepsopdracht komen de volgende taalcompetenties aan bod: