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Discussing the marketing mix - Analysing strategies and objectives - Conducting market research - Knowing the Customer - Evaluating customer research - Drafting consumer questionnaires - Understanding the consumer - Discussing trends - Having fun




Meeting people; Describing people
  Receiving visitors and small talk
  Asking & showing the way
  Appointments & invitations
  Telephoning I; part II; workshops 1; 2
  Making reservations
  Products; Salespitches
  Complaints A;  Complaints B
  Salespitches; Verkoop Case
Recruitment I; Recruitment II
  At the restaurant; Banking
  The language of meetings
  Aangifte van diefstal
  Een voordracht over je hobby

  Pronunciation adjectves

  Presentation tips - Garr Reynolds
  B1- B2: Argumentative speeching






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